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What Are Some Criticisms Of Xbox Game Pass?

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What are some criticisms of Xbox Game Pass?

Xbox Game Pass, a subscription service offered by Microsoft for its Xbox consoles, has been praised for its vast library of games and affordable pricing. However, like any other product or service, it has also faced its fair share of criticisms. In this article, we will discuss some of the common criticisms of Xbox Game Pass and delve into why some believe it is a bad service.

Lack of new and popular titles

One of the major criticisms of Xbox Game Pass is its lack of new and popular titles. While the service does offer a selection of games from big publishers such as EA, Bethesda, and Ubisoft, many of these titles are several years old and have already been played by a large portion of gamers.

Additionally, Xbox Game Pass has been criticized for its lack of Microsoft-exclusive titles. Many of the highly anticipated Xbox exclusive games, such as Halo and Gears of War, are not available on the service. This can be a major letdown for gamers who were expecting to have access to these titles through their subscription.

Limitations on game availability

Another criticism of Xbox Game Pass is its limitations on game availability. Unlike other subscription services like Netflix, where all content is available to all subscribers, Xbox Game Pass has different games available in different regions. This means that not all subscribers will have access to the same games.

Moreover, the availability of games on the service can also change from month to month, with games being added and removed periodically. This can be frustrating for gamers who were looking forward to playing a specific game, only to find out that it has been removed from the service.

Quality of games

While Xbox Game Pass does offer a wide variety of games, the quality of these games has been a subject of criticism. Many subscribers have complained about the lack of high-quality, AAA games on the service. Instead, the majority of the games available are indie or older titles.

Furthermore, some gamers have also pointed out that the majority of games available on Xbox Game Pass are also available on other platforms, making the service less enticing for those who own multiple consoles or a gaming PC.

Costs add up with multiple subscriptions

While Xbox Game Pass is considered affordable compared to purchasing games individually, the costs can add up for gamers who have multiple subscriptions. With the rise of subscription-based services in the gaming industry, many gamers now have multiple subscription services to access their favorite games. When combined with the cost of consoles and other gaming expenses, this can significantly impact a gamer`s budget.

Game Pass takes away the ownership of games

One of the most significant criticisms of Xbox Game Pass is its impact on game ownership. When a game is available on the service, gamers can play it for as long as it is available. However, once the game is removed from the service, it is no longer accessible to players. This means that gamers do not own the games they play on Xbox Game Pass, and if they wish to continue playing them, they would have to purchase them separately.

This issue has sparked discussions about the longevity of the games available on the service and the potential consequences of relying on a subscription service for gaming needs. Some believe that this system takes away the sense of ownership and permanence that comes with purchasing and owning a game.

In conclusion

While Xbox Game Pass is considered a revolutionary and innovative service in the gaming industry, it has also faced backlash and criticisms. From the lack of new and popular titles to the limitations on game availability, the service has faced challenges in providing a satisfying experience for all its subscribers. While it may be a convenient and affordable option for some, the criticisms discussed in this article show that Xbox Game Pass may not be the ideal solution for all gamers.

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