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When Does The NBA Regular Season End?

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When Does the NBA Regular Season End?

The NBA regular season is the time when all 30 teams in the National Basketball Association (NBA) play a total of 82 games each to determine their seeding for the playoffs. It officially begins in late October and typically runs until mid-April, with the postseason starting soon after. But when exactly does the NBA regular season end? Let`s take a closer look.

The Regular Season Schedule

The NBA regular season schedule consists of 82 games per team, with each team playing against each other at least twice – once at home and once on the road. Some teams may also face each other three or even four times in a season, depending on their conference and division. The schedule is divided equally between playing teams within the same conference and teams in the opposite conference.

One of the unique aspects of the NBA regular season is the All-Star break, which typically falls in mid-February. This is a multi-day event where the league`s top players come together for the All-Star game and various other events. While it is technically a break in the season, it also marks the halfway point of the regular season.

End of the Regular Season

The NBA regular season concludes in mid-April, typically around the 14th or 15th of the month. This is known as “Fan Appreciation Night” and is a way for teams to show gratitude to their loyal fans for their support throughout the season. It is also the last chance for teams to make a final push for playoff seeding.

After Fan Appreciation Night, the NBA Playoffs begin the following weekend. Only the top 8 teams from each conference make it to the postseason, and their seeding is determined by their record in the regular season. The last game of the regular season is usually scheduled on a Wednesday, and the playoffs start on the following Saturday.

Number of Games Left in the Regular Season

As the NBA regular season nears its end, the number of games left for each team to play varies. Some teams may only have a handful of games left, while others may still have a dozen or more. It all depends on how the schedule is spread out throughout the season.

As of late March, most teams have around 10 to 12 games left. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the NBA had to make some scheduling adjustments this season. This includes a condensed schedule, with games being played more frequently and teams having fewer days off in between games. As a result, some teams may have fewer games left to play compared to a typical season.

Importance of the Last Games

The last few games of the NBA regular season can be crucial for teams fighting for playoff spots or better seeding. It is not uncommon to see close races for the final playoff spots, with teams separated by only a game or two. For these teams, every game matters, and their fate is often determined by the outcome of their final games.

Add to that the fact that the top teams are also jockeying for the best possible seeding, and every game becomes significant. Some teams may rest their key players to avoid any potential injuries before the postseason, while others may push to secure a better record.

In Conclusion

The NBA regular season is a grueling 82-game schedule that lasts from October to mid-April. It determines which teams will advance to the playoffs and their seeding in the postseason. It concludes with Fan Appreciation Night in mid-April, and the playoffs begin the following weekend. While most teams have around 10 to 12 games left at this point in the season, the importance of each game cannot be understated, as every win or loss can have a significant impact on a team`s fate.

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